1. Sri : Excuse me : can you tell me what time the next train leaves for Cilacap?
Ade : In half an hour, just wait.
The underlined utterance expresses…..(jawab B).
A. offering help
B. asking for information
C. asking for permission
D. asking for an apology
E. telling about me
2. Mother : She is two hours late. I’am very anxious. Something might happen to him.
Father : She might be on the way home. (jawab C: tentang rasa cemaas)
E sympathy
3. Joko : Hi, ani! Do you know that Soni won the motorcross prize yesterday ?
Ani : Really? Very nice.
The underline word above expresses…..(jawab E: tentang senang)
B. wonder
C. said
D. agreement
E. Surprise
4. Triono: What about going to Borobudur temple today?
Siska : Well, it’s goog idea. Do you think today will be fine?
Triono: I am positive. I’ve heard the wheather Forecast. (jawab D)
B thought
C. felling
D. certainly
E bussy
5. ningsih: I am hungry. Let’t find something to eat at restaurant.
Susi: That’s a good idea.
The underlined utterance expresses…..(jawab C. agreement)
A. preference
B. disappointment
C. agreement
D. unagreement
E. worry